Moments like this.

In our entire lifetime, we travel, we visit places, we meet certain people, we see things, we experience, we capture our memories and all these things goes right inside our brain and it gets locked like a safe treasure. The story which i am going to narrate you may not be exciting enough, you may not feel anything so do not waste any second to invest on it because this is just a beautiful memory once a girl have had. 
Once upon a time it happened with a girl where she came across this lovely encounter with a guy who she never met before, who she never saw before, who she never talked with, he was just another stranger on his way back to somewhere in a bus. The girl was with her family tired after a long happy day at a theme park they visited. However it was late so they had no option but to get on a crowded bus. Usually the buses are quite crowded during evening hours. People get back home after a long tiring day at their office. Also it wasn’t weekend, it was a regular working day. People were busy with their usual schedule. There was rush inside the bus, no place to even stand. People were standing tight. Few women were sitting near the window seats and few were standing. Overall the situation was kinda suffocating. There was one single door to which people were leaving and people were getting on the bus. The conducter was standing at the door. He was the one who was telling people to adjust, shouting out loud of the upcoming stops and collecting tickets. 
The girl doesn’t prefer crowded or compact places. Somehow she got to stand just right next to the bus door. Lucky! Even if it was winter season, the weather was humid, it was evening time, she got to feel the cool breeze from the open door. She noticed something after few minutes. There was this guy in a brown nudish leather jacket and denims. He was standing just beside the conductor near the door. His right hand was on his jeans pocket and the other hand was holding the rod of the door. The door got a large open window through which one can see. She noticed that the guy was looking right at her. He was not smiling, he was not giving her any gestures. He was simply looking into her eyes. Even if the whole scenario was a mess he still managed to get a view of her. The girl saw this and she felt, “ughh!! creeps these days”. She quickly turns her head onto the other side. After sometime she again sees that the guy was still staring. She was like, “what is this even happening? Is he a freak?”. She was now getting annoyed and at the same time a little uncomfortable. She saw this guy again and now she looked at him, she didn’t say anything, she didn’t react, she didn’t bother if someone was looking at them or not. They stared at each other for like good 2 minutes. The bus was so crowded that there was hardly any space,there was jerkings, there was complete chaos all around. People talking, conductor shouting, but apart from all the noises this two individual were having their moments​ made. There was numbness around this two humans. They were simply looking at each other. As if this two were alone in the bus. Their individuality broke when one of the stop came and the guy had to get outside the bus because of the heavy rush that had to leave. After few minutes the bus now got adjusted. More than half of the public got down at the previous stop. Now there was space and the girl now could stand properly.The bus starts again.

Back to this two people.

She now observes that the guy is young, good looking, decent enough and had a dimple on his right cheek. Bluses! She thinks, “oh lord he is handsome, why even i am ignoring him?”. She looks at him again who was already looking at her through the door window, he gave a cute calming smile to her. A smile she would never ever forget. She was numb. She didn’t knew how to react or to smile back. She says to herself, “what if he is a pervert trying to gain attention ​or something”. With that thought claiming her that the guy is just another guy checking her out, that’s it, she ignores him. Rude! (bitch mode ON) He then didn’t reacted. May be he was thinking the girl is silly. May be he thought the girl got scared. May be he felt he was letting her doubt his character. He then starts looking outside. The other few seconds the girl was trying to act smart and took a few chance to get a glance of him. She saw he was busy on his phone now, talking. When he was talking his dimple was popping out. “Oh!! what a charming guy”, she thinks and blushes. “Girl you kidding me? he is cute, why didn’t you smile back? Ignorant bitch,huh!” , she cursed herself.  The situation was kinda getting saddened for her. From that point of time she was feeling something inside her. Thoughts of never seeing him again had started to create a storm inside her. She was stiff now she wanted him to look at her again at least once, once for God’s sake. But the silly guy was still busy on his conversation. Suddenly he keeps his phone inside and looks outside. On the other hand the girl was desperately wanting him to look at her again. Few seconds later, the bus stops and the guy gets down, he got down, gave a brief look at her, he wanted to smile but didn’t may be he thought the girl won’t ​like it. The girl now was looking at the guy. They both saw each other for the last time. They both knew they won’t ever meet again. It was the end of the beginning. The guy wanted to say something but didn’t. They bid goodbyes with their eyes. He then left, walks away. The girl uhhh what to say she was not feeling good. She was upset. Silly part was that she got tears on her eyes. “Such a emotional materialistic person you are, idiot”, she says to herself. She still thinks what if the guy still remembers this incident ? Funny how they just met, glared, felt and left. 

She closed her eyes remembers the whole thing and publishes this on her blog. 🙂

P.s- There was no Romanticism on this, it was just a sweet memory of these two human being who will never ever meet again. 


the girl. 

I hear a voice , a sound more like as if someone is calling for help, felt like someone is screaming….I look around,but I don’t see a thing but suddenly i look straight and i see her, yes she is the one, she is sitting there at the corner of the room , submerged on her own world, no she isn’t crying or screaming but? why i feel she is? her eyes have such depths…they are telling me a different story…A story she doesn’t want anybody to know of…She isn’t saying anything…She is staring right back at me not uttering anything…Numb…She is looking right into my eyes now…I could feel the pain in her eyes…With that look , with that face she is  trying to say something which nobody would ever understand…she looks so helpless, she knows the truth that nobody ever bothered to look at her the way she wanted…may be that’s why she was sad ? She looks so tired…i couldn’t catch why she was so silent…not telling anything,simply sitting there just staring…I myself was feeling strange with that glance of her…Do i know her? she looks familiar…Where have i seen this face ? She turned back….Her hairs flying around with the wind that’s coming from the side window just above her… suddenly one of her hair string comes forward her right cheek, she slowly puts that hair behind her ears…She looks so calm now…She looks so serene yet it feels like she is shouting from inside, thousands of thoughts going inside her…She again looks at me… I can feel her heartbeat beating with such speed, tears rolling but still she is smiling… Thinking why ? why is this even happening to her…she slowly with her soft palm cleares her tear…she smirked….she pretends well…Tough eh?…seems like her old habit, trying to hide the emotions…Trying to act strong, such roughness, such rigidness behind those innocence…funny how one try to hide things which are going on inside , but alas their eyes tell the entire story not fully but  yeah just a little hint may be! But what should i do now? should i console her? should i talk to her? but what? should i even? But why? who is she even to me? do i even know her? Oh yes she is me , actually my reflection , i see her everyday infront of that shining thing…i just see her like this , I can’t help her, I can’t reach outta her…Such helplessness…

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